Entry #20

General Update!

2011-10-03 18:18:22 by MattMorgan

Well it's been a long time since I last visited NG and I haven't really progressed with anything related to the NG world.

Snaffles 2: Since my last post I've done a tiny amount of editing to Snaffles 2 but nothing really major which has brought forward its uploading time. Based on the rate that I'm working on it currently, it should be finished in around 15 years! However, now I have my new laptop, I will hopefully be able to get on with completing it. I'm hoping for a Summer 2013 release, although that's fairly unlikely.

I have recently started a company called My Custom Built PC, speciallising in custom built PCs. I have a temporary website up at the moment and will hopefully be getting a decent one soon. Take a look at www.mycustombuiltpc.co.uk :D


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